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Stellar Eastern was established with the premise that the Food & Beverage Service and Speciality Retail businesses in the UAE, that are often part of large, extremely diversified groups, are increasingly challenged by the laser like focus needed to succeed and sustain in this sector.

Moreover, the constant addition of new competitors, high staff turnover, innumerable line expenses, overheads, strict HSE regulations, administrative complexities, marketing needs and supply chain issues can spread even the most efficient teams dangerously thin.

Ironically, the infrastructure in men, materials and space that is created for the sole purpose of supporting operations often risks becoming counterproductive to the core business, by eroding its most important (& finite) resource – time.

When it comes to effecting major change, team members first need to navigate through excessive bureaucracy, individual sensitivities and sometimes, company politics before they can get anywhere.

Industry managers are desperate for enhanced efficiency through high productivity teams, but without the extra G&A baggage that dents the P&L. In essence therefore, they seek figuratively lean and bottom line oriented employees, but without the time theft and resource wastage of excessive admin, air tickets, paid holidays and micro-management.

In serving this need, Stellar Eastern delivers tangible value by becoming a virtual extension of the clients’ team. Also, unlike the ubiquitous consultants who often identify a problem but pay lip service to the commitment required for its resolution, Stellar Eastern assumes unequivocal responsibility for enduring solutions. If this is not totally achievable within a given set of circumstances, it will not proceed with a partnership.

Areas of specialization:

Multi-unit Franchise Consulting.

Comprehensive Projects Management.

Original F&B concepts – Feasibility, Planning, Design & Execution.

Troubleshooting operational P&L’s – Processes, Controls, Staffing, Supply Chain, KPI Evaluation.

Organizational development and due diligience:


Web Design Consultancy in UAE, Website Design Consultants UAE
Web Design Consultancy in UAE
Website Design Consultants UAE
Web Design Consultancy in UAE, Website Design Consultants UAE