Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Chocolate Franchise UAERemember that themed restaurant you’ve been wanting to open for ever now, or that amazing cupcake cafe idea that really had you inspired? Beyond the dream however, there were so many scary business issues needing to be tackled, that the thought never got a chance to become a thing.

Stellar Eastern will not only show you how to professionally  convert your dream into a profitable reality, but will be your partner through the entire process. And yes, we understand that although cost is not everything, for an entrepreneur with limited resources, it can often be the factor that decides whether your idea will ever see the light of day.

Services for a new Food & Beverage outlet include:
Defining and finalizing the core concept after detailed discussions with the client

Feasibility study
Check whether the numbers add up since afterall, it’s a business.

Branding, packaging development and marketing

If your business were a person, what type of personality would it have and how would it be communicated to the outside world.

Project Management
Details, details, details (planning, layout, equipment, construction liaison, landlords and their rules, operating policy, health and safety, financial controls, staff hiring, training and outlet opening)

Post opening ongoing support and troubleshooting
The real challenges often start when the business is up and running, and that’s ironically when the entrepreneurs find themselves alone and in need for the most help.

Chocolate Franchise UAE
Chocolate Franchise in UAE
Chocolate Franchise UAE
Chocolate Franchise in UAE